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Meet the Author

A.K. Howard

A.K. Howard’s unique imaginative storytelling style invites readers on a journey where spirituality and fantasy intertwine in extraordinary ways. Through vibrant narratives, Howard invites readers on a transformative journey where hope in humanity is rekindled, spirituality is embraced, faith is strengthened, and the power of love is revealed.


After living in different countries and experiencing other cultures, A.K. Howard thought long and hard about the world’s main social issue - income inequality; its negative impact on the world, and the possible consequences of not dealing with it sooner than later. As a contribution to making the world a better place, Howard decided to write novels with that focus in mind - a more compassionate humanity.


In the Footnail series , Genesis embodies that Love and desire to spread humanity in all she does .  A terrific example for the world. 


A.K. Howard resides in the Pacific Northwest and enjoys reading, listening to music, and playing Pickleball when not writing.

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