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Genesis: The Grail Knight (2023)

An Action Adventure Fantasy with Historical Elements

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What power does the lost Holy Grail hold?


2023   |   English   | A.K. Howard

$16.99 Paperback / Other options available

In the heart-stopping fourth installment of the Footnail series, Genesis and her team face her most challenging quest yet. New clues emerge leading to the search for the lost Holy Grail.


Leading her group to be fragmented into different paths, and the trials that were supposed to unite them have pulled them apart....(continued)

As Gen confronts the echoes of her fractured team, she discovers a dual battle awaiting her. In her visions, a mysterious white stone beckons, shattered into three elusive pieces. Racing against time, Gen must unearth these fragments to prevent the stones falling into the wrong hands.


But the real test lies in the shadows that threaten to consume her group. With darkness growing, Gen must not only unite the ancient stone but also reunite her team. Will she succeed in reuniting the scattered pieces of the stone, or will the darkness within each heart prevail, tearing the group asunder?


The true identity of the Holy Grail having been hidden throughout history because of its great power will now be brought back together. 

Can she triumph before darkness claims them all?


Uncover the secrets, face the shadows, and join Genesis on a riveting journey where the fate of the group hangs in the balance.

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