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Forging The Sword (2023)

2023   |   English   |  A.K. Howard  Author

2022 Firebird Book Award Winner: Christian Fiction
2022 Bookfest Award Winner: Christian Fantasy

$13.99 Paperback / Other options available

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Old friends and unexpected allies must join forces to face off with their strongest enemy yet in this second, action-packed installment of the Footnail series.

Fresh from battle with the accursed, Gen can’t believe they’ve survived. And although she’s blinded, she can now see better than she ever did before. Luckily, her companions have been upgraded with magical powers of their own. Because it’s clear that their mission is far from over.

When Gen receives her next vision, she and the team must hastily split up – to prevent an assassination by the Devils’ foot soldiers, and to locate the the last piece of an untapped weapon.

But neither is prepared for the trap that’s been set. Nor the bloodbath coursing their way.

And only time will tell who makes it out alive.

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